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Toi Ururangi
NZ2791: New Zealand Diploma in Ngā Toi – Level 5

Toi Ururangi

NZ2791: New Zealand Diploma in Ngā Toi – Level 5

Duration Total 36 weeks (1 year full-time)

Toi Ururangi is a level 5 NZQA accredited diploma that qualifies students with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills relation to Māori Performing Arts in Takitimu supported contexts.

Graduates may progress to Toi Ururoa | NZ2792: New Zealand Diploma in Ngā Toi – Level 6

Mixed Programme Delivery Mode

  • Tuition / Teaching weeks: 36 weeks
  • Number of years: 1 (full-time)
  • Teachings hrs / wk: 20 hrs
  • Work experience hrs / wk: 9 hrs
  • Total Programme Credits 120

Course Intakes

There are two intakes per year

  • Semester 1: February
  • Semester 2: Mid-year intake July

Fees $3576

(as at 2022)

Fees Free eligibility apply for first year tertiary students. For more information click here: https://www.feesfree.govt.nz/

Student Loans and allowances available for eligible students. For more information click here: https://www.studylink.govt.nz/

Scholarship applications available on request. For more information email:[email protected]

Additional Course Related Costs:  On/Off-Stage Kākahu | Stationery | Textbooks


This programme will provide the graduate with the capability to:

Apply technical, theoretical, and operational skills and knowledge in area of specialty to inform art form development.
Analyse standard and non-standard processes of artistic evolution, variations and apply art form practices in area of discipline.
Relate a range of specialised skills and knowledge to create solutions for a range of familiar and unfamiliar Ngā Toi problems in areas of speciality.
Create and complete a body of work within area of subject.
Assist in the management and/or support the leadership of a Ngā Toi project in area of discipline.

Subject Area

Māori Song and Dance


Arts Administration

Study of Māori Composition

Māori Performing Arts in Tourism



Graduates may contribute to the Ngā Toi art form, practice, and sector in a range of context for whānau, hapū, iwi and hapori with Ngā Toi projects including:
  • Composer
  • Performing Artist
  • Researcher
Options towards media works – television, radio. Leading towards teaching in kohanga, kura.


Applicants seeking to enrol must meet the admission and eligibility criteria of Te Wānanga Whare Tapere o Takitimu. The admission criteria include;
An audition designed to assess health, fitness, performance disposition and capability; At least three written or where appropriate, oral character references; A formal interview. Level 5 Diploma – NZ Qualification Framework applicants that are 16 years or older at enrollment, and; a) have demonstrated suitability and capability in Māori Performance, or Māori Art forms at Level 5; and b) demonstrated commitment to uphold the kaupapa of Takitimu; and c) have successfully completed and provided evidence of example of Record of Achievement of a Level 4 Certificate of at least 40 credits or equivalent in a subject that is relevant to Māori Performance, or Māori art forms; and d) have provided a performance portfolio demonstrating evidence of creative practice and process; and e)have provided a curriculum vitae outlining educational and employment achievements. SPECIAL ADMISSION May be granted at the discretion of the Academic Director or designated nominee by the QA group.


Each assessment in a course must be passed and grades collated to form a final pass grade for that course. ie:
  • Where there are three assessment in a course, all 3 assessments must be passed.
  • Where there are 2 assessment in a course, both assessment must be passed.

Brief Programme Information

TU100: Māori Song and Dance
20 Credits
Origin of Māori Performing arts and to recognise practical performance components for multiple disciplines
TU101: Study of Māori composition
20 Credits
Introduce compositional elements of Māori composition and for awareness of compositional processes to apply in their own works
TU102: Performance
20 Credits
Performance mastery in Māori movement for utilisation in a Māori performing arts setting
TU103: Māori Performing arts in tourism
20 Credits
An applied understanding of the role Māori Performing Arts in the tourism industry
TU104: Arts Administration
20 Credits
Practical understanding of administration systems supporting a small and local arts events
TU105: Production
20 Credits
Relate a range of specialised skills and knowledge to create solutions for a range of familiar and unfamiliar Ngā Toi problems in areas of speciality.

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